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According to the Director, World of Final Fantasy was intended to draw in a younger audience. They specifically mentioned players of Yokai Watch which targets elementary kids. At first glance it sure feels that way. It has a very light hearted (though well written and voiced story) story, cutesy (but high quality) presentation, full of mascot monsters, Animated cutscenes and quite honestly, its reason why it's taken me so long to finally get it.

Well I finally, bought the game after getting my Type 0 Plat :) .... and I lost more fights than both my Final Fantasy XV and Type 0 playthroughs combined!. This game is quite challenging so challenging that I'm like, " Are they sure they were targeting kids?". The first real boss of the game was so tough that I thought it was scripted battle that I was suppose to lose, you should seen me at the Game Over screen, "I was suppose to win that?". Game has an experience system that always ensures that you are in range with monsters in the area so, it's more about strategy then stats. As frustrating as that is... I love it. The stack mechanic is awesome. I initially did not care for it but its integrated so well into game that I could not help but have a change of mind. So of that stacks can pretty damn cool and I like how they use the series staples creatures to create logical evolution lines.

Bonus: If you played Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, you will be right at home with World of Final Fantasy. I am positive that Square Enix used that game as a template. 

Basically, if you are hungry for another high quality turn based RPG that offers a welcomed challenge, look no further. If you are like I originally was and passed because of the kiddy aim, dont do it. There is something here for you too.