LuccaCardoso1 said: 
pokoko said:

I also didn't say anything about "people have depression because they don't want to see the good in the world."  Not even close.

Well, it sure sounded like you did. 

"The best thing you can do is try to convince them to see things differently". You're implying that people with depression have to be "convinced" to see thing differently, as if they weren't already trying. People with depression don't see the world as a bad place, it just factually is a bad place. That's why depression is called a "mental disorder", because chemicals in the person's brain are all messed up. Trying to convince the person to see things differently might make the person want to fake not having the issue in front of you, but it will never really fix it.

So if a person thinks that suicide is the only way then you SHOULD NOT try to convince them to see things differently?  Seriously?  Because THAT is what I was implying.  Everything else is YOU INFERRING.  

Landale_Star said: 

So yeah, depression is a weird thing and I really don't think there will ever be a complete fix, you'll have sufferers that won't help themselves and then those that want help but are condemned by those close to them. The signs can be totally different too, so you could miss them or interpret depression when its actually something else. I currently work with at least one person who is suffering from a breakdown, nobody treats him differently though. It's a difficult issue and neither the sufferer or others really know how to handle it. I think thats the general situation with mental health.

That's just the simple truth.

Years ago, the wife of my first cousin was murdered.  It completely crushed him but he kept living.  The family gave him every bit of support they could.  Eventually he got his sense of humor back, his life started to return to normal, and he even got remarried.  Then one day he killed himself.  Out of the blue.  Of course, it wasn't out of the blue for him.  Everyone knew that his first wife had been his world but he hid everything related to that.  He kept it all inside himself, even though his family would have given everything to help him. 

That's why it makes me so furious when people act like this is something simple that can just be magicked away.  People try their best and it still happens.