CaptainExplosion said:

As much as I disagree with MatPat's theories, when I saw his newest video I was devastated by the news.

I can't believe this. I can't believe that Ronnie "Oni" Edwards is gone.

People with internal struggles need all the help they can get.

What will it take for people to actually do something to stop suicide? When will we work together to make this nightmare, go away? Suicide isn't even supposed to exist.

If anybody who follows me, or anyone who even gets to see this video, please, for the sake of everyone who loves you, reach out to deal with your pain. Tell us everything that's hurting you. We can help you, and we will help you.

Don't go down the path you would never come back from.

Now to anyone who doesn't have these struggles, or even have a friend or loved one who does, please do all you can to keep people from committing suicide. Life is short enough as is, don't let it be cut even shorter.

The stigma against suicidal people has to be lifted, otherwise we could lose those people forever. :(

I've always enjoyed MatPat's theories.  Even when I found myself disagreeing with them, they were always fun videos to watch.

I caught this one late last night, and just hearing the tone of his voice I knew something was wrong.  I never knew who "Oni" was, but I really feel for Mat.  Depression is one of the most cruel afflictions for the mind, and it should not be stigmatized.  Stigmatization gives it strength and weakens the support networks that are meant to help those who suffer from it.  

I have a friend online who lost someone to Depression.  No one even knew he had it until they gave his behaviour a lot of thought after the fact.  He just sat in a chair one day while his wife was playing with his kids and he put a gun in his mouth.  The battle doesn't have to end that way.