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RaptorChrist said:
Was Detroit really not a AAA game? I played through it recently and would have guessed it to be one of the most expensive games of the gen to make. It has a large cast of characters, some well-known actors, and I'm assuming it's been in the making since that old Kara demonstration back in 2013 or so.

Either way, it's a bit strange to me that we categorize games using a method that isn't well understood. What value does a game have being "AAA" for those that don't know what "AAA" means?

People saying this is market stunt but I don't even remember many devs talking about how much money they put in the game...

And from what I know Detroit may have been in development since before PS4 released, probably after they released B2S... so yes 4-5 years easily, and over 30M cost.

First pokemon had equivalent to AAA budget, but that was used solely on marketing (50M) because the game itself was in the low millions cost.

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