It seems that Sony is suffering from what I like to call 'Big Dick Syndrome'. It affects any console manufacturer that achieve tremendous success and can force them to make irrational decisions in the name of money. The only way to treat this very dangerous disease is for Sony to make a new console that's shitty and overpriced like the original PlayStation 3 and tell fans that they'll have to get a second job to afford the aforementioned shitty console. This results in nobody buying the system and Sony having to make consumer friendly decisions that cure them of Big Dick Syndrome.

On a more serious note, I'm getting sick of Sony refusing to collaborate with Nintendo and Microsoft on multiplayer games and making their players suffer. They excel at making games, but have been making every anti consumer decision possible after the release of the PS4. Hopefully when they release the PS5, it sees less success then the PS4 initially did and forces them to adopt more consumer friendly practices.