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mysteryman said:
DonFerrari said:

But for some reason we have people that think it's crazy to have the priorities based on this with those "power doesn't make good games" or "if it doesn't look like a movie I won't even touch no matter what"

From what I can gather you are mixing up two separate “power” discussions. 

Not sure if I follow what you said... but I'll better explain me.

There are people on the power side that say they wouldn't ever play a game that doesn't look like movies

And there are people on the portability side that say power is useless and that it doesn't make a game good

None accepting that depending on your need one is better suited than other, and of course there is people on power side that want power for more fps others for IQ other for resolution others for gameplay purposes, etc. And sure there are people on portability with a lot of different priorities (like size, battery, controls).

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