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mysteryman said:
Intrinsic said:
Doesn't this just boil down to how you play most of your games?

If being mobile is more impportant than being at home then its obvious which platform you will prefer. If the reverse then its stupid buying a platform that is built from the ground up to be mobile and ignore the one that is built to be stationary.

So someone like me, that doesn't even play games on my smartphone; will never see the sense in buying the NS over say the PS unless I just really really want to play a particular game on it or Nintendo games in genera appeals to me more.

Pretty much.

If you have an amazing TV setup all to yourself at home, and don't leave the house much, of course portability won't mean much to you.

Likewise if the TV is never free, and you spend most of your time out of the house, power isn't going to help you play any games.

But for some reason we have people that think it's crazy to have the priorities based on this with those "power doesn't make good games" or "if it doesn't look like a movie I won't even touch no matter what"

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