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News Update

Media Vision hiring for PS4 RPG - Gematsu (Link to ZODIARKrebirth's thread is --> Here)

Media Vision is the studio behind the Wild Arm series, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory, and Valkyria Chronicles 4.

Details of the job listing are below:

Company: Media Vision

Job: 2D Designer

Type of Employment: Full-Time, Contracted, and Temporary

Job Contents: Character illustration production work in consumer game development for character design on a currently in-development title.

  • Hardware: PS4
  • Genre: RPG



  • Someone who can properly draw models of people.
  • Someone who has illustration production experience of various tastes.


  • Someone who has experience in RPG development.
  • Someone who has experience in working in consumer game and native application development.
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