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DonFerrari said:
GoOnKid said:

Many people fail to understand that portability does not mean you MUST play it outside. It rather opens up possibilites inside the house, too. That way, I can play in the kitchen while I wait for dinner to finish cooking without the need to switch (no pun intended) rooms. Stationary consoles don't offer that. And THAT is comfort.

I think that the technological race in regards to graphics is saturated, anyway. This gen, we were not introduced to any groundbreaking leap of advancement; it was just more of the same. I'd argue that even last gen failed to bring something truly fresh and new to the industry when in the past we had the shift from 2d to 3d. That was groundbreaking. Nowadays, there is no ground to break anymore. There are only more and finer details. So I think that the standard we have today is sufficient for any gamng experience. And no, I don't think VR will be a big thing in the future.

I lost the fascination of watching better graphics during the early 2000s. Everything after that was just prettier and nicer, but that alone doesn't satisfy me. So basically convenience is more important to me, and the Switch offers that due to its portability. Also the library is pretty awesome already.

Or perhaps you are failing to understand that for a lot of people this "portability" is useless. Don't want to be wait playing for 5 min waiting food be ready. Rather still be in main room playing until the beep says the food is ready. Same with disconnecting the system from the tv to keep playing with giving a 2 min go to the bathroom. or Similar. For some of us the comfort is playing in the couch not caring the system all around.


shikamaru317 said:

In an ideal world I'd like to see a platform with both power and portability. 2 systems, 1 which is a handheld and 1 which is a more powerful home console, which can play the same games with crossplay and crossbuy. Was what I was hoping Nintendo NX would be, but sadly we got Switch instead, which tried to be both a handheld and a home console in a single package instead of in separate packages, and kind of comes up short in both areas, too big and too battery power hungry to make a good handheld, too weak to make a good home console.

Given the choice between the two, I lean more towards power.

Well that is why some people expect Nintendo to release a HH only with more battery, a dock that increases power, a table only console with more power and no money wasted on the portable elements, etc... It may or may not happen (I think it would benefit Nintendo if the game runs perfectly in all modes with just a increase in IQ and FPS between versions).

You are missing the point.  When I play inside portably, it is usually not in my own house.  It is at work on my break, downtime at the beach house on vacation, in a hotel room on my family reunion trip in two weeks, or in the morning at my parents house while visiting family during a period when everyone is waking up or at night when everyone else is sleeping.

The Switch allows me to do these things without sacrificing my game time in any way.  Had I not had my Switch, I would lose a weekend of gaming in two weeks, this past weekend, or have nothing to do on vacation during my downtime.  You do not have to, "be outside" at all for portability to be a major factor in your gaming.

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