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GoOnKid said:
HoloDust said:

You mean something like Wii U?

I don't give a damn about handhelds, but Wii U was actually nice idea...if only Wii U Gamepad was optional peripheral for those who actually want to play in kitchen or while taking a dump, and not forced on consumers.

Sony is giving you this option with PS4/Vita, nVidia is giving you this option with their cards on PC.

Kind of like the Wii U, yes, but the problem with the Wii U is that the Gamepad needs to be close to the console itself, so your range of action is quite limited.

Yeah, at my home two walls are all that it's needed for it to loose connection (and kids being kids like to roam around)...but as I said, it's neat concept (when properly done), I just think it was poorly implemented by not making it optional.