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Twice...kind of....

In high school I had a friend with sticky fingers. I caught him stealing my copy of Jet Force Gemini when I saw it in his room (and my OCD allowed me to notice a few distinct marks on the front sticker). I took it back but realized days later he actually took like 5 other N64 games including Turok 2 Seeds of Evil. At that point, he had already moved everything to his sister's house. I found them years later during the PS2 era so I can confirm he took them.

The second time was when I lost almost all if my games drom before PS3 during a bad break up from a toxic relationship. When I high tailed it out of there, I only took my PS3 and games. I was unable to get my N64, SNES, PS1, and PS2 back fromher however because she "moved" soon after I did and claimed they were still packed away. Said I would get them back...never did. I think that hurt worse than the break up TBH lol.

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