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More into just having a powerful system I can sit down and play.

I do bring my Xbox and Switch with me when moving around places, so that is my own way of portability. And I end up only playing games when I can sit down somewhere for a few hours for my long game sessions. Because if I don't have more than two hours free time to play a game, I won't bother playing if I can't commit for long enough. less than 2 hours is not enough time to play a game.

But ACTUAL portability like how the Switch is supposed to be, is completely useless for me, I like the system, but it is not truly portable. I can't play it outside, even at its brightest the Switch can't compete with natural light (even when I'm in shade), and you can't play a game you can't see. There is no social manner where it is appropriate to pull out a Switch and spend an hour playing a game. I'm not going to pull my Switch out to play a game for 10 minutes, that is simply stupid, and anti social.

The only good use of the Switch for me is the few exclusives it has so far, but being able to play Skyrim on the go is simply useless to me. I do own DOOM, Minecraft, and Rocket League for my Switch, but those were gifts and I never play them on the go. I'm not a very anti social person, and pulling my Switch out when I'm out with friends is just rude.