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I'm no graphics whore, but technology is suppose to advance, not stay stagnated. As a console gamer, PS4 is the perfect choice with its power and the games it gets. I don't have to worry about x game not coming to my hybrid system because of the obvious consequence of it being a portable system. I'm not like those individuals who know nothing about hardware when buying a Switch then complaining when e.g. Monster Hunter World not coming to it or that game that didn't come to Switch because it couldn't handle the number of rats on the screen (lol). Plus, I can barely play on a handheld system as it is. I started Bravely Default on 3DS like 3 years ago and still haven't picked up the 3DS to play it again (I lie. I did play it earlier this year, but there was no motivation to continue.). The 3DS has been right in front of me this whole time. I still plan on finishing it, but I think that will be in 2020. Anyway, power.