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Shiken said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
You can't "favor both", that doesn't make sense, especially when you follow up with "I lean towards portability".

Anyways, I favor power and price. I don't really think the portability enhances my Switch experience that much, it probably does for others though.

Sure I can.  It depends on the game in question and if I am traveling or not.  Right now, I favor Switch as I am traveling over the next few weeks.  But when God of War came out, I favored my PS4 as I was at home most of the time.

I lean towards portability however because more often than not, the Hybrid nature of the Switch gives me more overall playtime without the hassle of remote play.

What you talk about in the first paragraph is not really a preference, it's the lack of one. Depending on the game and what system it releases on, you play it on one console or another. That's not a preference, that's the lack of one. 

Also God of War isn't a good example, you can't play it on a viable portable. You said it yourself, the Vita streaming doesn't work well for you.

Edit: Leaning towards portability IS a preference because that means in your general gaming life you prefer one solution over another.