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Ganoncrotch said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
You can't "favor both", that doesn't make sense, especially when you follow up with "I lean towards portability".

Anyways, I favor power and price. I don't really think the portability enhances my Switch experience that much, it probably does for others though.

well if you just wanted a portable system with the most games on it now, you would probably go for a psp or a Vita and softmod it to play older console generations as well as their own library of games, so you would have portable but less power, going for the Switch means you have more power but less games.

I guess technically you could say an iphoneX running pubg is more power again in a handheld... but you lose the controls of the dedicated handheld so for me I draw the line at the point where I lose the sticks and buttons but still have as much power as possible. ie Switch.

That's not what i'm talking about, I'm saying that if you say you favor both options you're literally using the word favor incorrectly. You can't have a preference for both. You can have no preference, or a preference, but not a preference for both. Comparing it to the Vita or a phone doesn't make sense because that's not what the topic is about. If we wanted to make this more complex I guess we could talk about how the Switch's portability to power ratio compares to other consoles and what kind of ratio we prefer. But seeing as how Switch is the only viable option for current gen portables that's not really the point.