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Bristow9091 said:
It definitely looks much better than when the game first came out, and I'm actually interested in buying it, although I want to see what people are saying about it first in terms of improvements etc. and also from new players who will be jumping in for the first time to see what they think too... although with how cheap the game is now I'll no doubt end up buying it regardless...

I also think it would be nice if sites and publications would adjust their PS4 scores when they come to review the XBO version of the game... doubt it'll happen though, lol, but it could help get rid of some of the negativity around the game if they did so, since as we all know, people will simply look to review scores to attack games and players etc. lol.

It didn't stop the church of Destiny from blazing a path through this generation.

I think they were quite shrewd making sure to officially title this 'No Man's Sky NEXT', so if it ends up being a drastic enough reworking of the game then it lends way to people reviewing/judging the game as something completely new.