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KBG29 said:
Always exciting to see what's coming next

My Top 3

1. Upgraded Web Browser
2. Ability to Message in Quick Menu
3. Full access to Spotify Library via Quick Menu

Those are the three major things I dal with day to day. Broswer is falling out of date for a lot of sites. Have to leave what I'm doing anytime someone sends me a message. Have to leave what I'm doinv to change Songs/Albums.

Everything else works perfectly on both my PS4 and PS4 Pro.

I have personally given up on anything truly meaningful to be added to the OS. Like to me its clear that thats not something that sony is chasing. But if I could make a wishlist...

1. Allow global use of trackpad on controller. Absolutely shocking that they have an inbuilt trackpad in their controller and we can't use it to control the cursor in the browser. How could no one have thought about this?

2. Allow the installation and use of some android apps. Sony could take the amazon approach and have a section within their store where you can download some "modified" android apps. Like better media players and other Tv focused apps in general. They could literally treat this as a stand alone app which in truth just emulates and android enviroment for teh android apps to run in. We can dream right?

3. Bloody cache everything to the internal HDD. Does the PS store really have to redownload/repopulate everything everytime you open the app? They literally could set the darn thing to update once a day or twice a day and just store the images and sections of where you have been on in teh internal HDD.