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Eagle367 said:
eva01beserk said:

Thats your problem right there. I said they are both guilty of wrong doing. I dont think we have any saints in either side. But the democrats like to paint Israel as the only bad guys. An that is what I believe that guy was upset about in the video. Even if you where right that Palestine is weak and getting dominated and whatever, it does not excuse them. So I will not defend them. And if they loose is on them, or both or something. They been at it for to long for anybody to care who was right or wrong after some much blood spilled on both side. 

I'm not saying Palestinian leadership is innocent. But it's like this: you have two people who hate each other and one has a rock while the other a bomb. Our worry has to be one who is more dangerous. The worst the rock will do is blind people while the bomb can destroy them. So we have to take the weapons away from them before we can have a resolution. The one with the bomb i.e Israel is more dangerous. We neutralise big brother first them small brother is very easy.

Also both democrats and republicans are tools of oligarchs so screw both

Insane argument. Again war going on since forever. Both had ups and down. Cuz one side is wining they dont automatically become the bad guys. Only reason one side is dominating now is because is allied with all the powerfull nations. I say stay out it. Nothing good will come from anyone getting in the middle. Im sick and tired of the US getting drag into another war because we have to pretend to be world police.

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