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Machiavellian said:
TH3-D0S3R said:
Can someone tell me exactly how the Dems are gonna create a Blue Wave? One question, what the hell are they running on? If it's to oppose Trump only, they will fail miserably, no matter how much you applaud their 'bravery'.

Didn't the Republican run on opposing Hillary and Obama and they won.  I would believe they are just taking the same strategy from the Republican book and using it agains them.  They also seem to be mobilizing again like they did during the Obama years trying to stir up the base and get the to vote.  Just like any political movement, they will do their polls and decide on which issues seem more important to their base and independants who may be feeling buyers remorse with Trump.  Either way it will be interesting to see how the different stages pan out in the coming months.

No, they never ran on the idea of opposing Hillary. Trump ran on the idea of Making America Great Again, thus his campaign slogan. His tactics do not equal his intent for running. Plus he offered some policy that many including myself found intriguing, such as tax cuts. Trump had a clear end game, whether or not you like to admit it. Honestly, if you want to even use this against Trump, you cant avoid the donkey in the room that is Hillary.

I will say at first Hillary ran on policy, not that I agreed with it myself, but at least she put herself out there. But then as more dirt started coming out on here, and I think it peaked around when it was confirmed she had a difference in policies compared to when she spoke to the public, she then focused on her 'Stronger Together' idea, which was her pitfall. She started worrying more about pandering to demographics without giving us an idea of what she stood for. This is the political equivalent to prevent defense in American football. Sure you wont give up the big play right away, but you tend to give up these small gains that end up biting you in the rear end and make you lose. This is exactly what the Democrats are doing now. They are pandering to their base while attacking the right in word form without trying to win over centrists/classical liberals.

The only policy I have heard from liberals consistently as of late is the abolishment of ICE, and let me just say this now, do NOT let this be your running message. This sort of message may easily win you votes in California and New York, but it will cause a bounty of issues in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Arizona, with a lot of other states thrown in their too.

Democrats are playing prevent defense in that they're trying to reassure their own base of their own ideas, but when you play prevent defense, the only thing it prevents you from doing is winning.