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Jumpin said:
You guys in the US do realize all of your politics that you fanatically follow are a bunch of bullshit that never amount to anything?

They're designed to distract your asses while the government dumps your nation's money by the trillions into the military industrial complex where it funnels down into the pockets of international holding companies. While you're squabbling over gay cakes and how you fund your healthcare, you give next to no resistance against the fact that your republican government is ass raping your publicly owned and funded coffers.

Strange how it is more controversial that the money gets used to help your people than it is to see many times more that amount get stolen by these military industrial complex holding companies.

The biggest destraction is meant to shield the Federal reserve from oversight. The dollar fiat scam is the biggest, global scam the elites have running. The MIC enriching itself is just a consequence of that scam.

In the wilderness we go alone with our new knowledge and strength.