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Can someone tell me exactly how the Dems are gonna create a Blue Wave? One question, what the hell are they running on? If it's to oppose Trump only, they will fail miserably, no matter how much you applaud their 'bravery'.

They MAY HAVE been able to pick up seats in the house, but considering Cortes won the primary, not only will that mess you up this year because Americans hate Socialism, but you may be screwed in 2020 if she wins, which is likely. It's the equivalent of if Roy Moore won the Alabama Senate seat (which thank god he didn't) in the case that they care next to none about the preset system and will do anything under any circumstance to hold office.

On top of that I'm going to say this now, you are screwed in the Senate if you're a Democrat. Sure it's like 51-48, but look at the states you have to defend. Indiana, Missouri. Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, and West Virginia are all states Trump handled, and that doesn't include the swing states he won like Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Keep in mind all these seats were voted on in 2012, a presidential year where Obama won, and considering Democrat turnout is abysmal compared to presidential years, it is possible, though not likely, that Republicans have a shot at all these, but likely most of them. I think best case scenario for Dems is Republicans keep control 52-48, with pickups in Arizona and Nevada.

If the Dems can get the House then it's a win, but I don't have confidence considering minority turnout is always subpar and it is what their party relies on.