First I would like to say that the protests in the UK were a complete failure. I'm sorry, but you guys over there suck at protesting. There weren't hundreds of thousands of protesters like what has been reported. Many of those who were there stayed a short time and left. That baby Trump 'blimp' wasn't a blimp at all. When people heard about a blimp, they were thinking something the size of the Good Year blimp which is about 50 feet long, especially considering that a ridiculous $40,000 was spent on it. This Trump balloon (because that's basically what it is) is maybe bigger than a large van meaning that it couldn't be seen very well in the sky and it flew for only 2 hours. I'm not even sure if Trump got to see it. Meanwhile, Trump seemed to have a good time and got to insult other NATO members for being cheap, which they are. Even Obama complained about this, just in a quieter way. Each member is require to contribute at least 2% of their GDP and most of them aren't doing that. NATO is less of a military alliance and more of a military welfare program that is funded mostly by the American taxpayer.

As far as Russian collusion is concerned, most of the American people don't believe it because the evidence simply hasn't been there. Millions of dollars have been spent on an investigation that has resulted in nothing. A couple of Russians who may or may not has received Kremlin funding were arrested for buying Facebook ads. The funny thing is several of them bought pro-Bernie Sanders ads. That's about it. Micheal Flynn got in a little bit of trouble because he was stupid enough to speak to the FBI without a lawyer and was caught lying due to an inconsistent statement. We haven't heard anything since. As of right now, the investigation isn't even so much a Russian collusion investigation. It has actually turned into the Manafort investigation because Paul Manafort is being investigated for a money laundering scheme for over a decade. We don't even know if he knew Trump back then. It also doesn't help that the recent exposure of corruption within the FBI has led to many American losing trust in the organization.

Beyond the FBI investigation, Trump's actions on the world stage do not show Russian collusion. He bombed Syria earlier this year, Russian ally. He actually made a fool of Putin because Putin threatened retaliation if Trump did anything in Syria and nothing was done. Trump then tore up the Iran deal and placed sanctions back onto Iran. Iran is another Russian ally. He got into a trade war with China, which will do more harm to China than the US. China is a Russian ally. The sanctions against Russia have yet to be lifted. Other than giving the Europeans the cold shoulder, which probably was going to happen regardless of who was President because of the geopolitical realignment that is currently going on, we haven't seen anything that suggests that Trump is a Russian pawn. If he was, then he must have gone rouge because he has done plenty of things that go against Russia's interests.

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