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I used to hate Donald Trump and believe every single negative thing people (and the "media") said about him (racist, mysoginist, white supremacist...), and then some months after he won i somehow stumbled over this video on the internet that showed all the fucking lies and hypocrisy of the media, and i realized why Trump constantly called them Fake News, then i saw the reaction of the "left" to Trumps victory and i learned about Antifa and what they did, trying to silence and de-platform republican / conservative speakers at college universities, causing violence and destroying public property (and yes i understand that Antifa is not the entirety of the left but just a part of it), and arround that time i also found out about the SJWs and all the madness of that other "part" of the left, and finally a year ago i found out about all the apparent corruption sorrounding Hilary Clinton and if all of that is true then the U.S dodged a big bullet.

So im not surprised to see other people (on the #WalkAway movement) who have gone through a similar experience, and i have seen enough videos of people on that movement talking about NOT joining the right but instead going independent or not wanting to be associated with the "current left", to believe that this is likely not some sort of right wing propaganda, (but who knows maybe im completely wrong on that one since im sure the Right isnt without its flaws and faults).