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sundin13 said:

While I understand not voting for an individual who doesn't align with your views, "walking away" from one party to the other doesn't really make any sense to me. The partisan divide stands on a philosophy, not just the talking heads who are visibly waving the partisan flags. If I were to leave the democratic party (not that I am a registered democrat, but I do largely agree with the philosophy of the left on most issues), I would leave to a party that more closely reflects my views, not the republican party who I fundamentally agree with on so many issues, especially when an individual like Trump is leading the party, who is pretty much the antithesis to leftist views.

If people are truly walking away to the Republican party, I can only assume that they never really held onto the philosophy are are simply someone who just gets swept up with the talking heads. While that is all fine, I don't think it really serves as an educated opinion on the state of the republican/democratic parties.

I see little to no value in the stories of these individuals beyond a mildly interesting, yet anecdotal curio (and as such fairly meaningless statistically).

And of course there are issues whether or not any of this is actually legit in the first place...

Must you go from one extreme group to another? WHats wrong with being in the middle? 

I think when people say walking away does not mean they are joining the republican party. Its just them not being so into a side that no matter how dumb the argument, they just nod and agree with everything just cuz is your side. I dont think theese people would vote trump on 2020, but they would hold whoever runs on the left to a higher standart and not just agree with anything they say. 

Wich I do belive is the right way to be. Lean to what ever side you want, thats fine, but when something they say is without a doubt awful like them wanting communism on the left, or the right wanting to remove internet laws. We have to stand against our own sometimes to avoid tyranny. 

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