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Eagle367 said:
eva01beserk said:

You dint even listen to that short video and just amuse your own narrative. Then not bother to see another one. Typical. 

But no, thats not what #walkaway is about, That was just the reason for that one guy to walk away. There are many different people with different reasons, some petty, some serious. But the most common reason for it is how the left is acting like babys crying over everything. Calling everyone racist(very much like what your doing right now) and seem to want communism. Again, its different for everyone but I believe that is the most common ground between them. 

On the Israel vs the Palestinians thing, I personally believe that the left is definitely getting very racist towards jews, ironic since they call everyone a nazi. But while I wont say they are not guilty in what wrongs they committed over there, the left just defends the Palestinians like if they where saints. Theres been conflict in that area since forever. And Hamas was no good guy, I mean common, he had children for human shields. I say both sides are bad, but the left just jumped to the anti jew side.

That stupid kid shield thing is bs. Israeli "army" kills palestinian children without any Hamas for miles on end. They've constantly been breaking international law and expanding their territory. They attack nurses, hospitals, teachers and schools. They control who stays and who doesn't in Palestine which is just next level stupidity. That's like India controlling who gets to stay in pakistan. They force military service on everyone in Israel. Hamas might not be saints but Hamas has no nuclear bombs or sophisticated weaponry that can kill hundreds at a time. If Palestine was oppressing israelis., I would be by the Israeli side but they are not and Israel is which is why supporting Israel is just ignorant when you look at the facts. I watched the entire damn video and that's the only reason he gave. Screw liberals and democrats your little in fighting, it doesn't matter. There are people dying at the hands of a government with the latest military weapons and who want nothing less than the genocide of the palestinian people and they'll make any excuse to do it. Basically almost every decent person around the world, even Jews don't support Israel. They are neutral or on Palestine's side. This is not about Jews at all, I don't care whether Israel was Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist. Just like in Burma, there is a conspiracy to commit genocide here as well. The resolution in support of Palestine and against Israel was supported by basically everyone except US and the nation's to afraid to loose US's help. The reverse for a resolution against Hamas. The bigger threat is Israel right now, Hamas doesn't matter

Thats your problem right there. I said they are both guilty of wrong doing. I dont think we have any saints in either side. But the democrats like to paint Israel as the only bad guys. An that is what I believe that guy was upset about in the video. Even if you where right that Palestine is weak and getting dominated and whatever, it does not excuse them. So I will not defend them. And if they loose is on them, or both or something. They been at it for to long for anybody to care who was right or wrong after some much blood spilled on both side. 

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