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eva01beserk said:
OTBWY said:

Oof. I hope this thread doesn't come back to haunt those who don't see the very possible blue wave coming in november.

May I ask why is a blue wave coming in November? As far as im aware red is spreading more and more.

Then your awareness contradicts reality, perhaps, since Democrats are consistently about eight points or so ahead of Republicans in voting intentions for November. Now, you might say it's either too early, or polls are wrong, since Trump got elected when he was supposed to lose etc. but Trump lost the popular vote well within the margin attested by the polls. It's just that polling in the midwest states, where he made large numbers of electoral votes on thin margins, didn't attest his advantage until it was too late.

Of course, a candidate like Hillary Clinton, who cares more about social and identity politics shared and pushed by a minority of voters (the Brahmanins, as Thomas Piketty would say) than economy for the small folk was certainly not going to fare well.