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Eagle367 said:
First video I watched from your playlist. If this is what the movement is, which I don't know if it is, then screw #WalkAway since it's supporting terrorists like the Israeli government and the yahoo whose name is Netanyahu who want to basically genocide all palestinians. Non American and thank God. USA is a war monger and terror state just like Israel. I would be happy if the US loses all it's power and I hope it can have a successful economy and people will be happy and content there, but the US army needs to be disintegrated without any fraction of it remaining. Screw this movement if this is what it's about. If not and it's just political, I really don't care

You dint even listen to that short video and just amuse your own narrative. Then not bother to see another one. Typical. 

But no, thats not what #walkaway is about, That was just the reason for that one guy to walk away. There are many different people with different reasons, some petty, some serious. But the most common reason for it is how the left is acting like babys crying over everything. Calling everyone racist(very much like what your doing right now) and seem to want communism. Again, its different for everyone but I believe that is the most common ground between them. 

On the Israel vs the Palestinians thing, I personally believe that the left is definitely getting very racist towards jews, ironic since they call everyone a nazi. But while I wont say they are not guilty in what wrongs they committed over there, the left just defends the Palestinians like if they where saints. Theres been conflict in that area since forever. And Hamas was no good guy, I mean common, he had children for human shields. I say both sides are bad, but the left just jumped to the anti jew side.

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