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I'm genuinely interested in how everyone reacts to the topic.  I know it's a hot topic thing people like to inflate into other arguments so I'm hoping we stay civil and not go out the boundaries of this discussion. 

I want to know if you watch any of the videos and still is absolutely adamant about not switching over.  Please, cite videos, because I'd like to re-watch and place myself in your mindset.  Just to see if this isn't just meme culture being rampant once again. 

Also, keep in mind the total videos posted so far is only 72 in a 2 week time frame.  I can't help but think the guy who runs it is going to get some traction fast.  That's 5 videos a day.  I don't know youtube analytics but I would assume the constant posting of new videos would have them in the recommended page.  Could you imagine the amount of people that send to him, freely.  I'm sure he didn't pay any of those testimonials.  Unless he does, in that case I'd like to know how much he pays.