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* Btw, I have not beat the game yet so don't spoil anything passed chp7.2*

I bought Type 0 on June 21st. 115 hours later(that is more time than I sent playing XV), I am wrapping the game up pretty soon. I have not been this hooked on a Final Fantasy since 12. In regards to the "Fabula Nova Crystallis", this is the best game to come out it. Hell, I think  that Type 0 should have been the console Final Fantasy. It is kinda funny, the structure of Type 0 feels like it should have been on a console while 13 has structure that would have been right at home on a handled...

What I love about Type 0 is how takes all the classic elements of a Final Fantasy and adds a twist to all them. I geeked out when summons, who have been around since FF3, were actual playable characters in the game (They kind of were in X as well). I was pleasantly surprised to get the airship and find out that a its semi shoot em up! (think full auto mode in Star Fox but over the world map)That came out nowhere but it's awesome though!

You know what else is also unique about Type 0? Its tone. This is a considerably bleak Final Fantasy story. It is strengthened by the developers mostly avoiding "Anime - ing the war". It also helps that this is a Human story vs a good vs evil entity battle. The fear of death and death itself, is a major topic in this story game. It can get pretty depressing.

I can ramble on and on, but Type 0 has really created a new branch of Final Fantasy that is clearly Final Fantasy but very different at the same but 100% refreshing.