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spurgeonryan said:
It always surprises me how much people keep praising this feature, yet shooters were left to die on the Wii when this was the norm. Sure you had some die hards using these controls all the time on Goldeneye Wii, but many did just as well with classic controls. Now whenever we see gyro controls people praise it. Yet Nintendo knows the general public does not like it. See Star Fox Zero for evidence.

However, there's a difference between gyro aiming on the switch and the use of a wiimote in shooters. The wiimote was basically point and shoot, but the pointing was not that precise in the first place. the gyro aiming on the switch still use the sticks but use gyro for fine tuning your aim. 


also it wasnt gyro aiming that killed starfox zero, star fox zero forced you to control your ship by looking at your tv screen and shoot while looking into your controller. and that was a mess for most people. if they had use gyro aiming but that your aiming was at the same screen that your ship was, it would have been much much better...