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Chris Hu said:
DonFerrari said:

My "guess so" wasn't meant to be rude or incredule. It was just that I never seem anything that would suggest reliability between both Slims were considerably different.

Both probably won't be as durable as a NES or Atari that you can still play fine nowadays, but considering industry standard they are very solid products.

Well cartridge based systems are always more durable then disk based systems because there are no moving parts and lenses.  Well the original North American NES was somewhat flawed but on the plus side the controllers weren't  directly attached to the console like on the original Japanese version.

Didn't know the FAMICOM had the controllers like that, problematic in several ways.

And that is the plus side of PS3 and X360 bringing instalation (and in PS3 that was almost 100% and mandatory even more) needing less of the lenses and reader (HD easier to replace), but still the high use of space isn't a good thing on my opinion.

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