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Ka-pi96 said:
So... what games are people playing on their PlayStations these days then?

I'm on Digimon Cyber Sleuth right now, and I'm enjoying it. The basic battle system reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy X. I just wish the story was better, it gets in the way of the game at times as is.

On PS4, I'm playing Ratchet And Clank 2016, with Monster Hunter World as a secondary. I think I'm done with Counterspy. On the Vita, I'm playing a little bit of EDF 2017, and EDF 2, helping others in co-op. I'm in 2 EDF chat groups. Also on Vita, still playing a little Rogue Legacy, and Grand Kingdom too. Hoping to get on the Vita tonight to start Dokuro. Usually don't play so many games at once. Strange days. I've been wanting to play Digimon Cyber Sleuth for quite a while. Still regret passing on the physical copy.

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