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sundin13 said:

I said most. It looks better than the majority of indie games. Most of them are top down and side scrollers.

I think a game that has a simple art style and nails it "looks better" than a game that shoots for the moon and misses by a (figurative) mile.

PUBG looks like ass. Just because it is trying to do something that most indie games don't, doesn't mean it looks better, and there is really no reason to let it slide on the fact that it both looks like ass and runs like ass.

If I was ever asked on which game to choose from, either PuB or BotW, I'd choose BotW in a heartbeat over PuB. Hell, I'll use a non Nintendo game with an amazing art style, one like Trine. I'd choose Trine over PuB any day. That and Borderlands. 

As much as I like Skyrim, it looks like utter garbage without mod support and updated textures/audio/combat. A game like PuB, which is always online and PVP based will never get the saving grace that ES games have had for years. it also didn't help that PuB came out looking and running like complete arse. Their style of visual fidelity will age rapidly over time than those found in artistic titles like Trine, BotW, Rayman, Don't Starve, Borderlands etc.