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And by most you're still off by a mile. IF you want actual quality in visuals then take a look at the latest ARMA title or Star Citizen. Even games like Battlefield 1 and V look more advanced than PuBG ever will, as well as running better to boot.

When you compare a game like PuB to a AAA game, values all around are going to be thrown in, not just a silly res war argument. Uhh, PuB's don't trump Wolf 2.

Ahh that doesn't prove the point, but nice try none the less. I've owned previous systems from PS1-2-3 and 360, as well as numerous handhelds in the past as well, so no, I don't "just own" Nintendo and PC systems. I Currently play on my Switch because that happens to be the latest system I have bought this year and expecting me to dust off a PS1 in 2018 to play more of over the switch is frankly absurd and entirely subjective to argue for in the first place.

"I at least have a Switch though"

Yeah I mentioned that I own one as well, not sure what bonus point that has to do with anything, let alone authorizing you to place yourself magically above me. My Switch and PC are getting more active use than any of the old systems I've owned in the past, mostly because one is a recent purchase and the other has multiple uses from me on a daily basis. My phone however sits on the bedside table for when calls are to be made or received, so that's the second platform to get used the least.

I'm not missing out on what I've already played before, again nice try but that "missing out card" is so old by now that it's being warped as more of a weapon in an argument than actually knowing what someone has actually played/liked/ and not liked/not played.

I've been alive far longer than you mate, and I've played more than you as well, so you can get off that high horse.

That's a shame, because like you said before "you're missing out". FPS is one of my favorite genres right next to RTS, Sim, RPG, Action, Stealth etc. Lots of assumptions on your side as well, thinking you've played more than me, thinking you know vastly much more, as well as thinking you know what I've played/not played let alone owned. Take a good long look in that mirror and don't come back at me with some low wit retort to defend your chosen words. You assumed, but now I am telling you not to assume, and mirroring what I just said won't even begin to count as an argument, because you assumed to begin with from the get go.

And I and others do not agree with that claim, because so far, the mass media and populace have shown that the mobile industry is hot garbage and filled with tons upon tons of garbage games. PuB being "really good" is entirely subjective, just to let you know, being "really good" isn't anywhere close to being a fact, so let's not waste days arguing that (seriously, going by your late replies and focus, it very well could roll like this).

Your comparison was basically warped from the start to give PuB a better image. Diligaf that you mentioned some Switch points, you still love PuB and thus want to make that look better at the end of the day, otherwise you'd call both 5/05/ perfect and good and be done with the topic, but instead it's become one over the other.

Yes millions of people own a phone if not billions. Phones are a common necessity in today's society, though gaming with them is not, as that is more of a luxury past time.

And I know a lot of people that bought and built their own PC's to play games and do streaming with them, as well as video editing to upload gameplay on sites like Youtube. Next please.