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jason1637 said:
Raven722 said:

As stated above by myself and others, nothing TB did was worth being happy he was dead. Certainly not publicly showing it. The worst thing he ever did was tell someone to go die of cancer quite a few years ago because they were trolling him. Which he apologized for many times over. He was accused of supporting harassment, and some tried to say he organized it, but that was because he supported people and ideas that went against left-leaning ideals in the gaming industry. Not because he ACTUALLY did any of those things or encouraged them. Osama bin Laden lead an actual terrorist organization that killed thousands of innocent people. Someone like that, yeah. Mock their death. Mocking the death of someone who didn't agree with man-hating garbage? Not so much.

I have quite a few family members that died from cancer and wishing that upon somebody is such a piece of shit thing to do. He probably apologized because he got called out on it. Shitty peoplw like him are better of dead.

I have family members that died of cancer too. I also know what it's like to get so pissed off at someone that you just say something incredibly hurtful. Especially when it was clear that they didn't care about him at all and were just trying to make him angry.

Read that article about him. One shitty thing he said 8 years ago out of pure frustration because of a troll doesn't erase the good that he did and it doesn't make it okay to be glad he's dead or mock his death publicly.