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thismeintiel said:

So, has anybody figured out what is going on between Sony and Amazon? It seems they are out of stock for a lot of their stuff, especially the consoles. Some are speculating its Amazon demanding an extra cut of the profit. If true, that's BS. Obviously it's hurting Amazon more than Sony, as they still keep winning NPDs.

I mean, it's not hurting Amazon that much.  They make a cut off third party sellers and gaming is ultimately a pretty small part of their business.  And wuth Switch doing great and Xbone doing better than before, Sony is no longer they only source of reliable console sales revenue for retailers.  

The assumption comes from Amazon's history.  They have bullied numerous companies before, most notably Nintendo when they refused to sell Nintendo hardware until Nintendo sweetened the deal for them.  Not sure they ever got what they wanted.  And this is a very similar pattern.

As for non-PS4 stock issues, my guess is Amazon's market share has grown but Amazon is not interested in the games business enough to necessarily up their supply lines at the same pace.  They've demonstrated many times that they are a company highly resistant to increasing overhead in even the simplist ways.