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Ganoncrotch said:
LiquorandGunFun said:

fuck passes, fuck subs, im done with it once i buy the damn game. plain and simple.

Game is free though.

As for the OP, the line about

" If you see someone sporting last Season's tier 100 skin, you know they must be a good player."

you know this is in the paragraph which follows the one where you wrote

" Anyone with moderate skill could reasonably pull it off."

So which is it?

I can see where my words can get a bit messed up, so i'll elaborate. yes, anyone with moderate skill and enough time can reach tier 100 in the Battle Pass, but it is still an achievement none the less. for me personally, if i am in a match and see somebody with a higher level skin, my first instinct then is to avoid them. theyve more than likely spent more time in this game than i have. another thing to note is that there is a good bit of strategy with each of the challenges needed to reach tier 100, requiring players to use different weapon types to get kills, getting kills at different locations, etc. so thats what i really mean when i say they are a good player. they know at least the majority of the fundamentals off the game and likely know how to maneuver each area of the map. 

i hope this clears things up