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Free to play games always have a way to get you to spend money. That's why they are free to play. Free to play games are usually not worth it in the long run. These games usually have some padding element, that can be gotten around by spending money. So a game that would have been a lot of fun, becomes a slow grindy crawl. I mean, I quit League of Legends once I realized that I was spending real world money on things that I could have ground for. I spent about $200 over three years, when I should have just payed $60 for the initial game, and been done with it. What really worries me is that Fortnite is completely free, and on all systems. So kids can easily get their hands on it. And if kids grow up with the toxic F2P model, they're more likely to be accepting of things like microtransactions, content carving, and pre-order bonuses. We've already seen this sort of thing happening, with people starting to accept "1 year warranties" as the norm for electronics. If companies tried to pull that crap in the 90's it would have lead to a massive sales drop. This will lead to a future where everything is free to play, but in reality costs way more money than a mere $60 purchase. Games won't be as good, and most people will just play on their phones. 

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 06 July 2018