curl-6 said:
DonFerrari said: 

Is Switch one sufficient for a pleasant gameplay?

And to think there was an user that claimed the devs were dumb for not eagerly consider this port that a single worker later saw was totally possible. Considering the downgrade it doesn't seem like a very easy port.

I certainly found the Switch version pleasant to play. And I don't really see any sign this was an overly difficult port; sure they've made adjustments as necessary, but it looks and runs just fine. I mean, how hard could it have been when one guy got the first level up and running over the weekend? It's not like Doom or Wolfenstein II, now those are games that were obviously not easy conversions.

Then I'm glad it's a pleasant experience. But one person porting in a single day is something we hear rumors since Sony said PS4 was easy to dev. But per the quantity of cutbacks on a native 30fps I can't say it really is an easy port (but I can conceed it isn't an overly difficult, more like in between).

quickrick said:
DonFerrari said:

When PS4 and X1 already run the game on 30fps (even if they perhaps could run closer to 60fps) we know they would need to make greater concessions to make a port.

it depends really, this looks like a case where they didn't want to put the effort to get it run 60fps on home consoles, and switch looked like it got the same effort, it could have probably been much better.

It's common to hear devs were lazy, not that I agree with it, but perhaps was the case for all versions and coming from Activision. At least seems like people that played it (PS4 and Switch) were pleased with it, and since X1 is near PS4 on this port and X1X is superior than PS4Pro version I would say that besides they not liking the type of game they have no reason to think it is a bad port or game.

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