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Conina said:
starcraft said:
Very interesting thread!

Particularly keen to keep seeing how many steam PC's can ostensibly rival an Xbox One X!

Very small proportion at the moment, but I expect that to ramp up dramatically early next year.

Well, currently around 25 million Steam PCs should be able to do that in every game:

If we include the GTX 1060, over 60 million Steam PCs should be able to rival the Xbox One X in almost any game.

Would be interesting to know how many Xbox One X consoles are sold by now. 2 million? 3 million?

I think its probably generous to include the 1060 haha.

Its tricky, because in raw numbers thats a lot of PC's. But people often talk about how anyone could just play games from the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X (especially the latter) on their PC. This seems to indicate that for over 90% of Steam gamers (and presumably many, many millions more non-Steam PC gamers), they're simply not able to do so at a console quality level atm.

But as you point out, we have no idea how many X's have sold at this point.

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