DonFerrari said:
JRPGfan said:

No furr on Switch version? jeez.
No AA solution either... so jaggies and 720p.
The missing parallax occlusion stands out alot, if you do a side by side.
No reflections either... ambient occlusion.

Texture quality reduction, geometry complexity reduction, folage reduction...

Lots of sacrifices made to get this running 720p on the Switch.

When PS4 and X1 already run the game on 30fps (even if they perhaps could run closer to 60fps) we know they would need to make greater concessions to make a port.

it depends really, this looks like a case where they didn't want to put the effort to get it run 60fps on home consoles, and switch looked like it got the same effort, it could have probably been much better.