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potato_hamster said:


The "vast majority" of gamers crave the "ideal level of immersion" that VR brings? Do you have any reason to think that? Any credible sources? In fact, I'll take just one source.

Because it appears to me that the "vast majority" are at least tangentially aware of the level of immersion that VR currently has to offer, and haven't even seriously considered picking one up, or even trying one. If the "vast majority" of gamers "crave the ideal level of immersion" why aren't they jumping on VR solutions that are far more immersive than playing on televsion that is available today? Surely that would satiate at least some of that "craving", wouldn't it?

I too would love to see this icnrediably insane amount of data, because I know for a solid fact that not everyone likes what a niche few like, let alone the 8b+ people like/dislike on this planet.

Not everyone likes VR, if everyone did it would have taken off decades ago, and would have been supported very heavily like the TV/Radio were at the time. 

Also before any VR nut steps in with the supporting comment, we supported science so hard that we landed on the god damn Moon, if we cannot push for VR decades ago and hardly anyone supported it, there is your answer, not many people care, not even other businesses. If VR is truly important and widely loved, we'd see Moon some Moon landing scale of support and insanely large pushes for it, yet we haven't.