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Welcome everyone to the Retro Gaming Hub!! This doesn't have any mod approval so it is not an official thread, but since the TC of the official thread has left the site, I'm going to try to go where he left off! This thread will centre around discussion of video games up until the 6th generation! We can discuss our memories, our playthroughs, our collection, maybe even possible news! In any case, I hope y'all will enjoy the ride!


The types of retro games

In terms of retro gaming, I think we can split it into these 4 categories:

  1. Arcade gaming - The origins of commercially-available video gaming as a whole, these are those titles with the cabinets that you would see at a local venue and input your coins into! Examples: Neo-Geo MVS, CPS-1, Sega Model 1
  2. Console gaming - This is probably what most people will think of when it comes to retro gaming. Video game consoles are systems that plug into a screen and whose main purpose is to specifically play video games. Examples: Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, PlayStation
  3. Handheld gaming - Similar to home consoles in that they are specifically designed for gaming, however they also have the added bonus of being portable, usually at the cost of less horsepower. Examples: MicroVision, Game Boy, Game Gear
  4. Computer gaming - While all gaming units are technically computers, in our circles it generally has a much more limited usage. Home computers which were designed as either business-devices or multipurpose platforms also ended up having titles released onto their platform. Examples: Apple II, IBM-compatible PCs, ZX Spectrum
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