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TheBird said:
This makes absolutely no sense. Racist groups like the "KKK" are completely different from ACTUAL terrorist groups like "ISIS" and "Al Quaeda". How the hell do you recruit people to be a neo nazi? It's either you were raised ignorant or you weren't, you can't just be recruited and turned into a racist instantly.

No one says that people are recruited and turned into racists instantly. Where did you get that from? 

The KKK is exactly like terrorists groups like ISIS - they recruit people in vulnerable positions. It's easy to hang out with skinheads as a mean to belong and then be indoctrinated into the group, or already be prone to indoctrination through media and social environment. This is literally how every group like this works. No one is born a racist or a terrorist. 

ISIS recruited online as well, and this process takes time. Here's a TED talk from the dude Picciolini (from the article) that I found: