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Played freedom and portable 3rd on psp, did not play for long as my thumbs hurt from those cramped button locations, played MH3U on wii u but got bored for some reason, played MHO on pc for about 50 plus hours but stopped as new games came out and the english patch didnt translate everything on there and I got a bit tired of it, now with MHW, I've put 70 plus hours, just beat Teostra and Kushala, Vaal is next, and I'm in love with the Charge Blade, when I first saw MHW trailer I thought Insect Glaive would be my main, but I never touched it once, not even practice with it, but it may change in the near future, this is the best MH game for me so far.


Nintendo Switch FC: SW-6340-7643-4233 aka Renji

Steam: Lee Roid