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m0ney said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:

Oh one has to play that game to have a moral opinion on the value of human life?

And yes it was easy to her, she (Marlene) was only pretending it wasn't easy to justify her SICK beliefs, your sick beliefs too by the way.

And yes I played that game, many times actually. You are wrong and then wrong again but that would be ok if you were not morally evil on top of that.

I'll only say that your name is very appropriate.

While I recognise this is a joke, I think the insanity argument is actually one of the strongest arguments in favour of CrazyGamer2017's point of view.

There are thousands of examples of people who thought they were saving the world - or something similarly important - by killing innocent people. To date, they've all been wrong. I've personally got friends who were killed by a man who thought it was necessary to save Norway.

Every single one (to my knowledge) either grossly overestimated the threat, or grossly overestimated the effect of killing the civillians. That's why approaching this problem, you should always have a sense of humility - how do I know I'm not insane?