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Well we've just passed the one year mark and the PS4 version has likely passed 5m units including digital, and while the OP was obviously trolling the game could be on it's way to reaching 10m sales with all versions combined, a strong start in the UK for Switch/XBO versions. Almost everyone in this thread underestimated the bandicoot. Some very severely. Ordered worst to best... (sort of)

Mar1217 - "1M if it's lucky enough."

Nautilus - "It wont even do close to 10% of that number (2m). Multiplat or not."

gatito - "That Yokay whatever game will outsell this. (Yooka-Laylee) And I'm only talking about the Switch version."

Jpcc86 - "I cant see it selling more than 1.5m."

Metroid33slayer - "A crash bandicoot remaster collection will sell 2 million tops."

WagnerPaiva - "It will sell a couple of million and that is it."

Augen - "2.0 million might be possible."

Plerpy_ - "It will be 3 million max."

monocle_layton - "I think 2-4 million would be an optimistic guess."

Darwinianevolution - "I can see it reaching 3-3.5 million copies"

fedfed - "4 mil if on all platforms and discounted!"

Barkley - "over 2.5 million sales lifetime on PS4."

Alkibiades - "3M would already be above expectations (on PS4)"

think-man - "If it goes to all platforms it might clear 5 million at best."