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Shadow1980 said:

Well, we're screwed. The Religious Right and Wall Street both had their greatest wet dream come true. Say goodbye to Social Security, Medicare, and everything else from the New Deal and the Great Society. Say goodbye to any meaningful corporate regulations. Oh, and we can forget about any meaningful attempts to fight gerrymandering. And the likelihood that Roe, Obergefell, and other decisions that right-wingers have been chomping at the bit to overturn will actually get overturned just went way up. Kennedy just handed this country over to the fascists for a generation.

I hope all you "Bernie or Bust" and "Hillary isn't a real progressive" types that sat at home on election day or voted for Stein or Johnson are fucking happy. Also, God damn the GOP for giving Obama a big "fuck you" on the Merrick Garland nomination.

Good grief. It's not the end. It's not like Republicans will stop legislating and eat cocktail dinners with lobbyists till the end of time while conservative lawyers sue away everything good the government ever did while a Republican supreme court rubber stamps it all. That's not what the supreme court does. It does mean that if Republicans pass something unconstitutional that suing against it will probably do nothing. The greater danger is to abortion and gay marriage. I guess we'll see if women actually value their right to abortion as much as they say they do, because if they do, they'll fucking turn out to vote, particularly the young ones whom that affects all the more. As for gay marriage, we'll see if the country really did move on and 2/3 of the country supports it after all of if most of that was people saying they did because history seemed to be moving that way and they didn't want to look like homophobes. Because if it does matter to them, they'll fucking come out to vote.

Meanwhile, fuck Kennedy. He will be remembered fondly by no one. Conservatives will hate him for being pro Obamacare, pro gay marriage, and a few other things, while liberals will hate him for handing America to the fascists. He won't even leave behind a legacy for anyone to admire, because in the long run, everything he ever did that mattered will be overturned by his replacement, and all his disastrous decisions like Citizens United will be overturned eventually by a later court. He will be a footnote in history, notable only for the fact that for a brief period he was a swing vote. He did nothing historic that will last.

And you can take that Bernie blaming and shove it. I was involved with that movement pretty deeply, knocked on doors, made phone calls, donated hundreds I didn't have, all because I believed in the guy, only to find out that he had the nomination stolen from him by a corrupt DNC, with Hillary's nod of approval. And I STILL voted for the bitch, because I recognized Trump for the fascist he was. Not only that, but I personally made sure that three other people voted. And I live in one of the swing states she took for granted and lost, and I saw what was coming. We all did in the Bernie camp. We said for months that Bernie was the stronger candidate, but you've all gaslighted yourselves into believing that she was the strongest chance you had and that Trump was just that good. Almost anyone other than her could have beat him. But let's be perfectly clear, that bullshit that we all just stayed home or voted Jill Stein is a fucking myth that does nothing but divide us, so stop repeating that crap. I knew dozens of Bernie supporters, and worked alongside them in the campaign. We were all heartbroken that he lost, fed up with the corrupt DNC, and wanted a third option. But in the end, every single one of us voted for her and brought others to vote for her, because we recognized that this wasn't about choosing between the lesser of two evils, this was about protecting the republic from a fascist demise.

Now stop with the divisive myths, stop with the doomsaying and negativity, we are not doomed, nothing is over yet. There is no time for you to mope and cry apocalypse. Stay involved. Call your congressmen, particularly the Democratic ones, and encourage them to stand strong on this. With McCain still out and Flake still committing to not confirm Trump's judges until he stops with the trade wars, there's a real chance that we can hold this off until the midterm. Trump will probably hold off anyway to boost midterm turnout. So long as not a single cowardly Democrat senator backs down, it's a real possibility, so call them to encourage their cowardly asses to do the right thing. We can take back the senate. It's a possibility if you step up and donate, phone bank, and canvass for vulnerable senators and for Democrat challengers in NV, AZ, TN, and TX. If we do, that's game over for Trump's justice system sabotage. Even if he does confirm some Koch brother asshole, don't give up. 2020 is coming, and with it the chance to take back 2 branches of government. That was enough for FDR, it'll be enough for us.