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LordLichtenstein said:
Ljink96 said:
Hmmm....I'm not even famous and people tell me to kill myself, and often...worse things, lol. The things they're saying to your are mild. If you're politically famous, I can only imagine what it feels like, which is why I tend to stay out of politics. As far as your anxiety goes, do more things like this, talk to friends, family, and if necessary a counselor or therapy. Don't wait until it gets too bad.

If your anxiety didn't get in your way, I'd say continue to speak your mind but if it's something to where you're fearing for your life, maybe re-evaluate your current position. That's really all I can say, I hope you find a happy medium. And be safe.

I'm sorry to hear that.. I'm not a politician, but I'm an activist of sorts, trying to get a certain subject on the political agenda. 

Family and friends is unfortunately not a luxury I got. I was raised in orphanages and I kind of burned my bridges in terms of friends during my last relationship. 

Damn man, that's a raw deal. Sorry that you don't have family to turn to, but we're always here if you need someone to talk to. My issues are nothing compared to yours, no need to be sorry. But yeah still, stay safe. If you feel in danger, just do what's best. Don't try to stick it out if you think your accusations can get you into some real trouble with people who oppose what you stand for.