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Kai_Mao said:
bigtakilla said:

Because once every blue moon, we get an E3 2014. When that happens, it is GLORIOUS! Then we wait another 3-4 years for another E3 2014.

*Edit* I honestly think next year will be an E3 2014. Prime 4, Bayo 3, Smash DLC I'm sure of another off the wall character people have probably been waiting a long time for (Waluigi?...), Yoshi game, and hopefully it will be the right time for the new Monolith Soft game (it should be)

Go to youtube and watch E3 2014! That's how it should be.

They just released Xenoblade 2 late last year and are still developing the story DLC. I think it would be cool if they did announce it next year, but probably show more concepts than actual gameplay.

And I remember E3 2014. While I consider it a great event, it didn't do much for the Wii U so whether a presentation should be this or that doesn't really matter. I mean, E3 2008 was not stellar for Nintendo yet 2008 was their record-breaking year with the Wii. Not all great presentations correlate to great sales or vice versa.

Yeah, but a lot of that stuff will be covered by smaller teams within Monolith Soft. I wouldn't be surprised if they will have been working on the new title for at least 2 years when E3 2019 comes around, and Monolith Soft isn't afraid of showing early footage (They showed XCX in Jan 2013 and it didn't release until Dec 4 2015). They also announced XC2 in Jan 2017 and the Switch didn't even come out until March 2017. I think it will be there.